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Our Solutions

Know Your Risk

WorldCompliance helps mitigate risk by providing an information advantage through access to the world’s largest, most comprehensive anti-corruption database. Our software solutions enable clients to put the full force of our database to work, delivering effective, meaningful results. Our key advantages within the compliance intelligence industry are:

Software Solutions

Our interfaces are user-friendly, highly adaptable, and easy to navigate. The extensive features built into our technology platforms dramatically reduce the number of false positives, saving time and money.

Database Support

Our database of over 2 million profiles is updated daily, helping detect individuals and companies linked to more than 50 risk categories such as sanctions, foreign officials, and state owned enterprises.

Our intelligence agents, strategically located around the world, monitor more than 500 enforcement agencies, 25,000 newspapers and magazines, company records, legal proceedings, open source, and sanction lists to convert unstructured data into structured intelligence.


WorldCompliance combines software and research into highly customizable solutions that meet both our clients’ risk management needs as well as the compliance requirements of the host nation in which they operate. Because of the number of regulations and lists that we cover, we are in many instances the only truly capable compliance provider in the country.


Clients who use the option to micro-categorize (segment) our global intelligence database to meet their risk tolerance consistently experience better due diligence results. Our clients have more relevant results, fewer unnecessary false positives, and therefore less operational costs. Our database has proven to be helpful to law enforcement agencies to catch criminals, banks to prevent money laundering and organizations to prevent corruption.

Here are examples of how WorldCompliance solutions have helped our clients:

  • When screening the directors of a company that applied for a loan to finance an infrastructure project in a developing country, our client discovered that one of the directors was wanted by Interpol for embezzlement and fraud
  • When screening a walk-in customer who desired to deposit 5 million USD, a client in Belize discovered that the walk-in’s husband was being investigated by the U.S. SEC for defrauding people of more than 8,000,000 USD.
  • When a U.S.-based bank found a suspicious transaction linked to an escort service, the investigation revealed that the individual involved was a prominent PEP (Politically Exposed Person) who was married with two children. The bank filed a SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) regarding the unusual financial activity.

Our unique
selling proposition

Working with customers around the world and from multiple industries has given us a unique perspective, one based on the ability to meet a client’s particular business needs, no matter the jurisdiction. We are experienced in handling the provisions of every major piece of legislation pertaining to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Due Diligence processes.

This knowledge base allows us to rapidly identify gaps in the client’s processes and recommend a solution to ensure their complete protection. Said solutions let you zero-in on high-risk individuals with laser-like accuracy! Over 2,000 customers worldwide rely on our services to insure their organizations against reputational risk.