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WorldCompliance is a global leader in Open Source Intelligence, helping organizations to minimize their exposure to high risk individuals and entities. Our solutions are used to identify entities linked to over twenty risk categories including: state owned enterprises and foreign officials, terrorism, narcotics, money laundering, fraud, collateral crimes and politically exposed persons.

We are pleased to share our industry knowledge and best practices in white papers that provide authoritative, practical information about the changing landscape of due diligence and know your customer processes.

  1. Navigating through the FCPA, Debunking Myths White paper
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    The paper discusses the seven common Foreign Corrupt Practices Act myths. In addition, it covers the top thirty red flags that organizations must be aware of to avoid FCPA sanctions.
  2. World Compliance 7.17.13 fcpa_whitepaper_fcpa-enforcement-actions
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  3. The saga of a bank compliance officer
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    The case study tells the story of a compliance officer who had the courage to blow the whistle on a criminal enterprise, in spite of overwhelming odds; including management’s reluctance to accept the situation.
  4. Role of Senior Management for FCPA Compliance
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    Tom Fox will explores some of the issues surrounding the engagement of senior management in the compliance function. Including, getting senior management involved in your compliance program is one of the critical factors to ensure effectiveness.
  5. How to investigate a good fraudster
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    Dealing with fraudsters requires having a game plan in place for the moment you’re faced with one. Understanding the type of fraud you’re investigating and your vulnerabilities and Competing against the fraudster are some of the areas examined.
  6. Board Responsibility under the FCPA
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    Tom Fox will explores some of the issues surrounding board responsibility under the FCPA. Including legal standards, role of the Board when things get bad, and the four core areas Directors should focus their attention on in regards to the FCPA.
  7. The HSBC AML Settlement
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    Lessons learned from the AML compliance practitioner white paper discusses recent money laundering cases involving financial institutions such as HSBC and the steps needed to ensure an effective compliance program.
  8. Distributors under the FCPA
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    White paper that discusses how the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission view distributors in the supply chain and the ramifications to US company’s selling products overseas.
  9. Truth or deception
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    Where does the truth end and deception begin? At what point does deception become fraud? This paper describes the 8 steps to implement an effective due diligence process.
  10. What if Lieutenant Columbo investigated fraud instead of homicide
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    What if Lieutenant Columbo investigated fraud instead of homicide? The traits displayed by Lieutenant Columbo in dealing with murder are very similar to the characteristics required to investigate fraud. Investigating fraud requires imagination.
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