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Detect Financial Fraudsters

Which employees are most susceptible to fraud? Any employee who submits expense reports; those who are involved in accounts payable functions or purchasing functions are especially in danger. Training these individuals, as well as all employees, on company policies, procedures and code of conduct is imperative.

Employees will often refrain from committing felonies if they know that their organization will hold them accountable for fraud. One of the most successful methods of fraud prevention and detection is a fraud hotline, because it lets employees report company policy violations anonymously that may otherwise go unexposed.

Global Enforcement List

The Global Enforcement List (GEL) is comprised of information received from regulatory and governmental authorities. It includes the content of warnings and actions against individuals and companies, listing narcotic traffickers, money launderers, fraudsters, human traffickers, fugitives and other criminals. More than 600 enforcement lists are continuously monitored to provide the most comprehensive protection to clients.

Below are a few examples of the enforcement agencies we monitor:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), United States
  • Office of Superintendence (OSFI), Canada
  • Bundesaufsichtsamt fuer das Finanzwesen (BaFin), Germany
  • Financial Services Authority (FSA), United Kingdom