FCPA WorldCompliance Due Diligence

WorldCompliance offers the highest level of protection from inadvertently bribing foreign officials

Terrorism - Global Sanction List

Profiles of entities listed on the most important sanction lists around the world, e.g. OFAC, EU, UN, BOE, FBI, Interpol

PEP - Global PEP List

List of worldwide politicians and government controlled entities (also known as PEPs, for politically exposed persons)

Profiles of persons who hold political office, their immediate family members, close associates, and companies under their control

Crime - Global Enforcement List

Profiles of entities listed on over 500 enforcement lists and court filings worldwide, e.g. US SEC, UK FSA, German Bafin, and cross border investigations

Crime - Global Adverse Media List

Profiles of entities mentioned in over 20,000 newspapers and magazines in over 15 languages

Reputation - Global Foreign Officials List

Profiles of today’s power brokers in arms dealings, diamond smuggling and money laundering, including their middlemen, networks, shell companies and business partners

Transparency and Integrity

  • Develop a VIP list containing the entities your organization interacts with, including suppliers, contractors and clients
  • Perform an initial screen of the desired WCo lists against your VIP list to assess the risk within your organization
  • Perform periodic screening (e.g. quarterly) of your VIP list
  • Ensure documentation and archiving of results of screening and consequences thereof