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Other OFAC Sanctions Program

OFAC checking isn’t only for the highest-profile lists. A high-quality OFAC database search will also scour the following lists for a hit, as well as others as they are released by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.   

  • Balkans-Related Sanctions    
  • Belarus Sanctions    
  • Burma Sanctions        
  • Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)-Related Sanctions
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo-Related Sanctions    
  • Diamond Trading Sanctions    
  • Iraq-Related Sanctions    
  • Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor Sanctions    
  • Lebanon-Related Sanctions    
  • Libya Sanctions    
  • North Korea Sanctions    
  • Somalia Sanctions    
  • Sudan Sanctions (Darfur)    
  • Syria Sanctions
  • Transnational Criminal Organizations
  • Zimbabwe Sanctions