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One Interface for Two Compliance Tasks

World-Mplus empowers you to both perform manual due diligence on new clients and continuously screen your existing client base—all with one workflow and one interface, ensuring that you are never caught off guard. Our industry-leading database of more than 1,800,000 detailed profiles is updated daily and protects you from more than 50 risk categories such as sanctions, terrorism, drug trafficking, and money laundering. Complying with client screening requirements has never been easier. World-Mplus offers:

Enhanced Due Diligence Features

  • All relevant information is displayed on one screen in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Relationship tree diagrams help you visualize connections between people and businesses, revealing areas of risk.
  • EDD-reports can be printed or saved any time, providing proof of compliance.
  • False positives can be minimized by adjusting match likelihood to meet your organization’s risk requirements.
  • Your screening process is enhanced with detailed profiles that include portrait photographs, dates of birth and national ID numbers.

Batch Client Screening

  • Your entire client list can be uploaded for automatic and continuous monitoring.
  • An audit trail of your compliance efforts demonstrates a thorough compliance program.
  • You receive alerts when an existing customer becomes a higher risk due to changing events.

No Software Installation and No I.T. Involvement

  • World-Mplus can be utilized the same day you start service.
  • Our interface is similar to Microsoft Windows, making training quick and easy.  
  • An extensive range of workflow rules and case management parameters put you in control, making it easy to fine-tune your search. You decide whether to adjust for greater precision, or to cast a wider net.

With more than two-thousand clients in 140 countries, WorldCompliance is a leading provider of due diligence information to financial institutions and governments worldwide. Contact us today to get started on an information solution that meets your needs.