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Batch Screen your Customers on Your Own I.T. Platform

World-ZL enables you to batch screen your entire customer list and identify PEPs, corrupt politicians, terrorists, sanctioned entities and more than 40 other risk categories, giving you valuable protection. Simply load your customer list into the World-ZL software and with one click, your customers are screened, ensuring that you are never caught off guard. World-ZL delivers:


Continuous Due Diligence Conducted on Your Server

  • World-ZL can typically be installed in less than one hour and resides entirely on your company’s own technology platform.  
  • You can easily screen and re-screen your full client list any time.
  • Printable risk reports are stored safely on your company’s server, providing proof of compliance.

An Automated, Turnkey Approach to Due Diligence

  • Automatically identify customers linked to PEPs, corruption, fraud, money laundering and other illicit affairs.
  • You decide how often to monitor your network—whether every day, week, or month—by refreshing the WorldCompliance database with the click of a button.
  • Alerts are sent only when an existing customer becomes a higher risk due to changing events.
  • Our clients typically experience false-positive levels of just 1-2%. Our proprietary SNIF™ name-matching technology reduces false positives without compromising data integrity.

User-Friendly Design with Secure, Reliable Results

  • World-ZL is easy to use because it was developed with feedback from customers like you.
  • Relationship tree diagrams help you visualize connections between people and businesses, revealing areas of risk.
  • All relevant information is displayed on one screen in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • An audit trail of your compliance efforts demonstrates a thorough compliance program.

With more than two-thousand clients in 140 countries, WorldCompliance is a leading provider of due diligence information to corporations and governments worldwide.  Contact us today to get started on an information solution that meets your needs.