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          a LexisNexis® company.

    Helping you mitigate risk, achieve regulatory
    compliance and fight global fraud

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    Spot PEPs, Foreign Officials and
    Sanctioned Entities, Anytime and Anywhere

  • >> WorldCompliance Software

    Delivering effective search tools and an
    Intuitive Navigation System

  • >> WorldCompliance Research

    Providing the most comprehensive
    and Up-to-Date Profiles of
    high-risk individuals

  • >> WorldCompliance Customization

    Developing Tailor-Made Solutions
    to meet all national and international
    compliance legislation

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    WorldCompliance solutions let you
    zero-in on high-risk individuals with
    Laser-Like Accuracy!

  • >> Global Intelligence

    No software installation, No I.T. involvement
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We protect 6 of the world's top ten banks and 7 of America's ten largest corporations

  • World-M

    Your one-stop solution for Sanctions, PEP's, and Negative News

    FCPA  |  Banking
  • World-Mplus

    Batch Screen your customers in a hosted environment

    FCPA  |  Banking
  • World-ZL

    Batch Screen your customers on your own IT platform

    FCPA  |  Banking
  • World-Q

    Customizable transaction based Due Diligence

    FCPA  |  Banking
  • World-NEO

    3rd Party Due Diligence, Risk Assessment FCPA or UKBA